10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise.

We all know the importance and the benefits of regular exercise. But putting regular exercise into practice is the challenging part. To help you with that, today I wanted to share 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise.

When you are first starting a workout program or an exercise routine, you’re excited and pumped, but that fades as real life gets in the way. Or maybe you took a break from your regular exercise routine and are having a hard time getting back into it. Take a look at these 10 ways to stay motivated to exercise and use them to help you get into a routine and habit with your exercise program. You will reap the benefits for your health, both mentally and physically.

Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

1. Find something you really enjoy doing
This is so important when it comes to sticking to a regular exercise program. Find something you love. Whether it’s tennis, dance, a group program, hiking, step class, spinning, lifting weights, swimming; do something you enjoy so that it’s easy to go back the next time

2. Schedule in the days and times you will go. 
Just like you’d make an appointment to go to the doctor, get your hair cut or meet a friend for coffee, schedule in your workouts. The weekend before, write down the days and times you will be exercising, in your planner. Then it’s set and you are committed to go.

3. Go with a partner or get an accountably group
Working out with a partner or being a part of a physical or virtual accountability group will help you stick to your regular workout routine. It’s also more fun this way!

10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise
I always have fun working out with Reg!

4. Download some music and podcasts you like
It’s nice to have something to to look forward to listening to at the gym or wherever you are working out. And tell yourself you can only listen to them while you exercise, for extra motivation.
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5. Buy some new workout clothes
Another great way to stay motivated to exercise is to treat yourself to some new workout gear. It’s nice to look and feel good while you’re getting in your movement.
(Some of my favourite workout clothes come from Old Navy & Lululemon)

6. Remind yourself of all the amazing benefits of regular exercise 
There are so many reasons to exercise regularly, from your heart health and energy levels, to your sleep and your mental health.
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7. Figure out your long term why.
Defining your “why” for starting an exercise program will give you a personal or emotional investment in your goals. Think about it, even write it down.

8. Join a small gym or boutique fitness facility
It’s nice when everybody knows your name and in this kind of gym you’ll be able to find your “tribe.” Smaller gyms are great for the feeling of community, for making new friends and being motivated to sign up for that next class. 

9. Be prepared
If you workout in the morning, lay your workout clothes out the night before, have your water bottle and towel ready. If you hit the gym after work, keep a workout bag in the car with everything you need so you don’t have to go home first. If you go home, there’s a good chance you won’t leave. 

10. Write down how you feel after your workout
Whether it’s in the notes on your phone or a small journal, write down how you feel after a workout. Whether you feel energized or happy or if you accomplished something new, it’s a good reminder of how regular exercise makes you feel. It’s also good to look at on a day you might be dragging your feet or feeling unmotivated.

Those are 10 ways to stay motivated to exercise. Which ones really motivate you?

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