28 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The rainy weather has been in full force here at home. And when I say rain, what I really mean is torrential downpours. We’ve had  a few inside afternoons and the kids and I like to do fun rainy day activities to keep busy. 

If rain has been keeping you indoors too, especially on the days that are too wet to even go outside and splash in puddles, don’t worry, because today I’ve teamed up with six other mom bloggers and we are bringing you not just one, but 28 Rainy Day Activities for Kids. You will have so much fun, that your kids will ask for more inside days just so they can do these activities again!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Fun Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

1. Board Games Marathon
Board games are fun for family night and they can be even more fun on a rainy day! Just grab a pile of your favourite board games, some snacks and settle in for a board game marathon. It’ll make your rainy day pass by in a lot of fun. 

Rainy Day Activities - Board Games

2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
One of our favourite indoor activities is a scavenger hunt at home. It’s a simple process to put together a list of fun stuff and kids will have a lot of fun searching around the house for them!

Rainy Day Activities - Scavenger Hunt

3. Baking
We love baking together but of course it’s not something that happens everyday. A rainy day is the perfect excuse for you and the kids to bake up a storm! Choose a few of your favourite recipes and make them all. Enjoy them and even freeze some for future snack emergencies.

Rainy Day Activities - Baking

4. Marble Race Track
We discovered this super fun and very easy marble race track. You only need a foam noodle, marbles and a shoe box and be ready for the kids to have hours of fun!

Those are four of our favourite Rainy Day Activities. To find out the other 24,  click on the links below and visit the six other awesome mom bloggers who are sharing their rainy day activity ideas as well!

for Salma

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What is your families favourite rainy day activity?

12 thoughts on “28 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

  1. I love all the ideas! I actually can’t wait until my son is old enough to have a board game marathon with me—I won’t mind at all being stuck indoors then 😀

  2. I used to do crafts with my son – another idea might be, if your town has one, a children’s play museum. It’s too bad there aren’t more indoor playgrounds, although that kind of thing can get expensive.

  3. Indoor scavenger hunts and treasure hunts are one of our favorite rainy day activities. We have never done a marble race track before. That looks like a fun idea! My kids will love it. We might not even wait for bad weather to try it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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