6 Educational and Fun Activities for Kids

September is usually all about back to school excitement. However, with the BC Teachers on strike,  that didn’t happen for us this year. (Since writing this post, the strike was settled and students will be back at school on Monday.)

So we focussed on different activities we could do that were fun and educational for the kids while still preparing them for back to school. 

This is great, even for your your preschooler, to get them interested and excited for school and to start them learning while still having fun.

 Here’s a round up of 6 Educational and Fun Activities for the Kids:

1. Beginning Sounds Sorting Game – This is a great way to get your kids thinking and practicing their letter sounds while playing a game.

6 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids
Photo Courtesy: MamaPapaBubba.com

2. Homemade Pencil Case – Save some money and get your children crafting with a simple homemade pencil case that they can personalize. (This craft idea came to me from Netflix as I’m a part of their #StreamTeam and each month we get great ideas and suggestions from them that I can share with you.)

6 Fun & Educational Ideas
Courtesy: SweetPotatoChronicles.com & Netflix.ca

3. Science Experiment – Testing out different theories and experiments helps to get your child thinking about how things work. And let’s not forget that they’re really cool and fun!

science experiment

4. Alphabet Matching Game – Practice letter recognition with this homemade ABC matching game.

alphabet matching game
Photo Courtesy: SandInMyToes.tk

5. Pumpkin Seed Counting Game – Get your child more comfortable and familiar with numbers with a fun pumpkin counting game.

Photo Courtesy: MamaPapaBubba.com
Photo Courtesy: MamaPapaBubba.com

6. Straw Painting – Kids always love painting, so put a new spin on it and let them paint with straws. They’ll have a blast and you’ll have some frame-worthy art for your walls.

straw painting supplies 1

Those are a few activities that we’ve tried and enjoyed. You can find tons more on my Kids Crafts & Activities Pinterest Board.

6 thoughts on “6 Educational and Fun Activities for Kids

  1. Aww, I want to do some straw painting. That sound fun, actually. The other thing I love is the science experiment idea. My little friends and I were always doing “experiments” (which mostly included mixing caustic substances in a basement closet), but that’s another story. Thanks for the great suggestions!

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