6 Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe that it is almost the end of the school year. My oldest started Kindergarten in October (there was a teacher’s strike) and now it’s almost over. Of course that got me thinking about what we should give his teacher as well as my daughter’s preschool teachers as an end of the year thank you gift.

I figure that many of you are thinking about the same thing right now, so here are 6 Teacher Gift Ideas that they will love!

6 teacher gift ideas feature

1. Gift Card for Supplies
It’s a well-known fact that teachers often have to spend money out of their pockets for supplies and additional items they need for the classroom. So why not get your child’s teacher a gift card to the local dollar store or craft and supply store to help them out. It really will be appreciated!

2. Books
Books are a treasure in any classroom or home library, but they can be costly. Why not give your teacher some wonderful books that she can enjoy or that can be enjoyed by students for years to come? And if you’re unsure about which books to buy, you can always give a gift card to the local bookstore and let the teacher pick them out!

Photo Source: TheBabyDoesNCY.com
Photo Source: TheBabyDoesNCY.com

3. Baked Goods
Everyone loves something yummy, so a plate of home-baked goodies that your child has had a hand in preparing can make a great gift and it is also inexpensive. Just make sure to find out about any food allergies or sensitivities that the teacher might have. It might also be a good idea to give baked goods that can be frozen easily as well. This is just in case a lot of other families have the same gift idea! A couple of our favourite recipes that freeze well are these banana chocolate chip muffins and these no-bake granola balls.

teacher gifts muffins

4. Write a Letter
Don’t underestimate the power of words. A letter written to your child’s teacher from both you and your child will be treasured. Let the teacher know that you appreciate what they’ve done for your child over the school year and how it’s had a positive impact on your child. And let your son and daughter tell you some of their favourite memories and include that in the letter as well. It’s nice for a teacher to know that they’ve made an impact and difference in their students’ lives.

5. Summer Care Package
The end of the school year indicates the start of summer. A warm weather care package could be a great gift for a teacher. Put together a fun parcel with a beach towel, sun screen, a magazine and anything else that helps to have a relaxing summer.

Photo Source: SkipToMyLou.org
Photo Source: SkipToMyLou.org

6. Gift Card for a Treat
Everyone loves a treat whether it’s ice cream or a hot drink and teachers are no different. So a gift card to a local ice cream parlour or coffee shop will be much appreciated and it can be as little as $5. It’ll come in handy on a day they just need a little pick-me-up. 

7. Flowers
You could also do something very simple such as flowers with a nice thank you note from you and your child.

If you are looking for some DIY Teacher Gift Ideas, check out this Pinterest Board with lots of fun gift ideas that you and your children can make together for their teacher. 

Do you have a favourite teachers gift that you’ve given in the past?



10 thoughts on “6 Teacher Gift Ideas

  1. What great ideas for a teacher gift. When my children were youngsters, I encouraged them to make personal gifts, so I like the baked goodies or the hand-written letter the best.

  2. I have several friends/relatives who are now (retired) teachers. Your gift ideas are good because they really benefit the teacher. My friends were so swamped by heartfelt but unusable knick knacks that only cluttered their houses. The gift card (if a parent can afford it – many can’t) and the letter of appreciation, especially, would be most appreciated.

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