7 Dead Ball Exercises to Try

Have you ever tried dead ball exercises? A dead ball is a great piece of equipment; it’s small, it’s versatile and it can give you a full body workout! They come in different weights from 10lbs to more than 50lbs. 

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Now that you’re intrigued, Check out this short video of 7 Dead ball Exercises you can try.


Dead Ball Exercises to Try:

1. Overhead Ball Slam
2. Squat and Throw
3. Alternating Ball Push Ups
4. Ball Toe Tap
5. Alternating Reverse Lunge with Twist
6. Dead Ball Wood Chop
7. Plank Step Off
(These are all the exercises in the video above.)

You can do all of these exercises as a circuit. Download in interval timer app on your phone or device. Set it for 30-45 seconds for 7 rounds with 15-20 seconds rest between each exercise. Once you finish one round of all 7 exercises, rest for 1-3 minutes. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times in total. Make sure to cool down and stretch after.

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7 Dead Ball Exercises to try

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