8 Fun Summer Crafts

Summer vacation is full of lots of fun things like sprinklers, beaches, ice cream, story time, exploring and more. We also try to make time every week to do one craft. We look through Pinterest together and pick a summer craft that both the kids and I would enjoy doing.

8 Fun Summer Craft Ideas - Pinterest

If your family enjoys crafts as well, here a list of 8 Fun Summer Crafts.

1. Straw Painting 
All you need for this is paint, paper and straws. And trust me, the kids will have tons of fun blowing the paint. Just remember to poke a little hole near the top of the straw so the kids can only blow, not suck.

Summer Crafts - straw painting

2. Backyard Teepee
I love this idea from MamaPapaBubba from the moment I saw it. An adorable teepee for the kids where they can still be outside and have some shade. The best part is you only need a handful of supplies and it takes about five minutes to put together.

3. Popsicle Stick Photo Frame
Popsicles sticks are probably in an abundance over summer. Instead of recycling them, wash and save them. When you have enough, the kids can have fun creating popsicle stick frames.

Popsicle stick photo frame

4. Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones
Why not reuse your empty egg trays? Let the kids create different coloured ice cream cones with it.

Ice Cream Cone craft

5. Pool Noodle Hurdles
Pool noodles are everywhere in the summer. You can even get them for a $1 each at some of your local dollar stores. When you’re done using them in the pool, get the kids active with these awesome pool noodles hurdles. We can’t’ wait to try it!

Pool noodle hurdles

6. DIY Aquarium
One of our favourite crafts from last summer was this aquarium we made. The kids really enjoyed it and are proud to display it.


7. Paper Spinner
This paper spinner caught our eye on Pinterest and looks like a great summer craft!

8. Perler Bead Coasters
We LOVE perler beads in our house and have made tons of things with them including coasters. These fruit inspired bead coasters are a perfect summer project.

For more summer craft ideas, you can check out our Summer Craft Pinterest Board.

4 thoughts on “8 Fun Summer Crafts

  1. You are such a busy and devoted Mom. Nowadays, we have Pinterest and blogs. Makes me remember some old favorites (those coasters are lovely, too!)

  2. These are great ideas, Salma! 🙂 I’m going to share this post with my daughter, so she can do some of these crafty projects with my granddaughters! Thanks for sharing!

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