Capturing the Precious Moments in Your Child’s Life

If you’re anything like me, from the minute our babies were born, we are almost obsessed with capturing all the precious moments and every milestone on camera so that we never forget and have beautiful memories to look back on.

For my kids, I took photos of everything from their first yawns and first outfits to their first baths and their first smiles. We started on our iPhone and small digital camera, but it wasn’t enough to capture the moments as perfectly as possible. We then invested in a Canon DSL camera, as well as took some pointers from our neighbour who had a background in photography. We had lots of fun taking pictures and we have so many amazing precious memories stored.

KK baby collage
Keyan baby
But when it comes down to it, those pictures that looked exactly how we wanted with the right facial expression, the right background, the right lighting and the right moment, were really just a fluke. There was no formula that we followed. Sometimes, we just got lucky. And when it came to family portraits, each year we relied on a professional photographer to capture those moments for posterity.

Capturing the precious moments in your child's life

How to capture the precious moments

So when I recently found out about this awesome new FB App from Canon to help you capture precious moments, called Plan Your Baby Moments, at first I was all wistful because I wish it had been around when my kids were younger. But then I realized that I could share it with all of you so that you can perfectly capture all those important moments in your little one’s life all by yourself.

Basically what this app does is break it down by your child’s age and then it shows you exactly how to capture that important moment like the first smile, or their tiny feet, first steps, the first birthday cake and even special seasonal and holiday moments. The app shows you step by step, where to place your child, what props you need, how to set up the lighting, what setting your DSLR camera should be on and what angle you should shoot from.

plan baby moments break down

Even though my kids are a little older, three and five, I have started using some of these tips now as well. I’ve tried taking photos by a large window and using a white sheet to help with the light. I also experimented with photos of the kids walking together and exploring and caught a fun brother sister moment as I took my son to school.

KK walk to school
With the holiday season so close to us, I really want to try the photos with kids exploring Christmas trees. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas in a traditional way, we do put up a tree to celebrate the holidays and I want to capture the excitement on their faces when we first light up the tree and this step-by-step guide is really going to make it simple & wonderful.

christmas tree photo

Now, all I need Canon to do is expand the app to older toddlers so I can continue getting tips on capture all these precious moments all on my own and make better use of my DSLR instead of just point, shoot and hope for the best. Anyone else do the same? Then you have to check out this app.

And once you’ve taken all those awesome pictures, don’t forget to print them out!

*This post was sponsored by Canon Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. I only write about things that I truly love and enjoy and I thought this app was awesome!

29 thoughts on “Capturing the Precious Moments in Your Child’s Life

  1. What a great idea. If iPhones had existed when my son was young (he is in his 20’s and it was still the era of film) I probably would have had thousands of photos of him.

  2. What a fab app! I wish they had it when my kids were little too. Hmmmm. I hope they expand it to go all through childhood.

    I love your photo of your kids walking hand in hand from behind. I try to capture those moments too. Thanks for sharing the app with us. I’ll keep an eye out for when they add more years to it and recommend it to friends who have new babies. 🙂

    1. Thanks Crystal, I love that photo too. I’m sure your friends with new babies will appreciate it and fingers crossed that they expand it to toddlers!

  3. I wish they had this when my little ones were babies. I am terrible at preserving memories and probably the world’s worst photographer! But it looks like this app makes it super easy. Will have to check it out!

  4. Wow, this looks great! I’m going to share this with my daughter, who is mommy to my two adorable granddaughters (ages 2 1/2 m.o. and 2 y.o.), and working on developing her photography business! Thanks!

  5. An interesting thing about this FB app is that, although it includes specific instructions for Canon products, it can also be used with other cameras. So you can get better pictures even if you don’t have a Canon camera!

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