8 Mason Jar Hacks You Will Want to Try

I absolutely love mason jars. I didn’t realize how much until a few years ago! They are super convenient and there are so many different way to use mason jars. Today I thought I would share 8 of my favourite Mason Jar Hacks that you will want to try.

8 Mason Jar Hacks You Should Try

8 Mason Jar Hacks

1. Drinks
My first mason jar hack, the reason I started using them more often, is drinking water in them. For some reason, it’s just fun to drink out of a mason jar. They are also perfect for smoothies, those awesome summer drinks and even frappes!

Mason Jar Hacks - drinks
Mint Lime Iced Tea

2. Chia Pudding

Chia pudding has become one of our favourite breakfasts. Not only is it healthy, it tastes like dessert. I used to make it with a whisk, but then I tried making it in a mason jar and it was so much easier! You just put in all the ingredients, put the lid on and then shake, shake, shake. Even the kids like doing it! It’s so much easier and more convenient than a whisk! Hence one of my favourite mason jar hacks.
Our favourite chia pudding recipes are Vanilla Chia Pudding and Chocolate Chia Pudding.

Mason Jar Hacks - Chia Pudding

3. Mason Jar Herb Garden

This is on my list to try because I love the idea of having fresh herbs at my fingertips when I’m cooking! And of course mason jars would make that indoor herb garden so much more awesome! Here’s a tutorial on how to easily plant a mason jar herb garden.

Mason Jar Hacks - herb garden
Photo Source: TheContractorChronicles.com

4. Snow Globe

When it comes to mason jar hacks, we can’t forget about crafts of course! One of the kid’s favourite project to date are these fun mason jar snow globes! They are simple to make and so lovely to display. And of course one of the main supplies is mason jars.

Mason Jar Hacks - DIY snow globe

5. Food Storage

Another one of the easiest uses for mason jars and one of my favourite mason jar hacks is food storage. They are such a great way to store dry goods in cupboards and pantries! From almonds and teas, to spices and candy, mason jars make the perfect storage unit and  let’s be honest, it looks pretty too!

Mason Jar Hacks- food storage

6. Lava Lamp
Who doesn’t love a groovy lava lamp? We’ve made lava lamps in the past in long water bottles, but they would look pretty cool in a mason jar too, don’t you think?

Mason Jar Hacks - DIY Lava Lamp
Photo Source: Hello Wonderful


7. Candle
We’ve all seen those pretty scented candles in the stores. Did you know you can actually make them at home too? Here’s a tutorial for a Lemon Beeswax Mason Jar Candle.

Mason Jar Hacks - homemade candles
Photo Source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

8. Tissue Holder

And finally, if you’d rather have your kleenex out of the box and in something pretty, these mason tissue holders are perfect. They look fabulous, plus they are a fun and easy DIY project.

Mason Jar Hacks - tissue holder
Photo Source: Landeelu.com

For more mason jar hacks, crafts, activities and recipes, check out this Pinterest Board.

3 thoughts on “8 Mason Jar Hacks You Will Want to Try

  1. I was visiting a friend earlier this week and she has tissues in a Mason jar like you mentioned above. I had never seen that before. Her has “Bless You” written on it. Adorbs.

  2. I love mason jars, so this post was great.
    I’m intrigued by the herb planter idea… I wonder if they will stay pretty over time and if the soil will get enough air flow. (I suppose I will just have to try it out!)

    I already use a lot of these ideas in my home (hence my love of mason jars) but here’s another idea or two from my home:

    1. I keep a small one in my desk drawer for thumbtacks, paper clips, etc. All of those little things that tend to get lost or spill all over.

    2. I make my own toothpaste and deodorant and mason jars are the best to keep those fresh and pretty.

    3. I know food storage was mentioned, but I also use them to store leftovers. Clear glass storage with different sizes yet uniform lids! Replaced almost all my Tupperware with mason jars.

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