11 One-on-One Kid Date Ideas

We try to make time to have fun together as a family even when things are busy. What I want to do more of however, is have one-on-one dates with the kids. I do them, but not often enough. It’s really special for the kids, and even for the parents to have that alone time to give the kids your undivided attention so you can really talk and listen to each other. You’ll also be creating wonderful memories and traditions with the kids.  So today I’m sharing 11 Kid Date Ideas for you to try!

11 One on One Kid Date Ideas

11 Kid Date Ideas to Try

1. Trail walk
Pick a scenic trail and go for a walk or hike together. You can chat, pick special rocks or flowers and then sit down and have a picnic at the end. This is one of my favourite kid date ideas!

Nature walk
2. Visit a coffee shop
If your kids have a favorite drink,  stop by a coffee shop togther. Then enjoy your drinks together while you play a card game, work on an activity book or just enjoy each other’s company and chat.
(Here are some great Starbucks drink ideas for the kids that are not on the menu.)

one-on-one date coffee
3. Go to the library
Head to the public library.  You can stop by a story time or you guys can pick out a bunch of books, head to a special corner of the library and read them together. Simple, fun and free!

4. Get some pampering
Go for a mani or pedi together. Since this is something that you wouldn’t do more often, it fits in great with kid date ideas! It makes it a special time together and creates a happy memory.

11 Kid date ideas - mani pedi


5. Bake their favorite cookies
Spend the afternoon baking your favorite treats together. Here are some of our favorite recipes.

one-on-one date baking

6. Go to a movies.
Head to the movies and share a popcorn as you catch the latest family flick.

Movie and popcorn date with the kids
7. Craft or paint
Mull over Pinterest together and pick a craft or project you’d like to do together. Get all the supplies ahead of time and then do it on your date.

One on one dates - crafts

8. Head to the bookstore
Go to your local bookstore together, look at the books and then pick one to take home. this is another one of our favourite kid date ideas! We all love reading and there is something special about picking out a new book and bringing it home.

9. Go to the park
Go to the park, just the two of you. Put your phone away (except to take a photo to remember the day,)  give your child your undivided attention and play together for a special on-on-one date.

One on one dates - park

10. Play games
Pick out a few favorite board games and/or puzzles and have a marathon game playing afternoon together.

one on one date - board games

11. Go for a bike ride
Find a new path and go for a bike ride together. Stop for a break and have a picnic together. It’s a great way to be active and have fun, together.

What is your favorite one-on-one date to have with your kids?

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6 thoughts on “11 One-on-One Kid Date Ideas

  1. This is what me and my husband do, except #11 because I can’t ride a bike 🙂 But I think it’s really sweet that you have one-on-one dates with the kids! I’d like to do this when I’m a mommy one day too!

  2. We’ve been talking about JUST this!!! Many parents forget to get 1 on 1 time…and it’s so important, especially for the younger ones I find. Great ideas

  3. 1:1 time is so important – I’ve been having a tricky time scheduling it in. My son and I have weekly coffeeshop dates while my daughter is in piano and the youngest is at daycare. But that was kind of flukey. Hoping to make this more of a priority.

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